domingo, 14 de febrero de 2016



Some links to practise the result clauses. Remeber that:

--> so + adjective + that-clause

   "I was so tired that he fell asleep at his desk"

--> such + a/an noun + that-clause
   "It was such a big pizza that I couldn't finish it"

More theory about it:


Good luck!!!

AS .... AS, NOT AS....AS

Hi, boys and girls!!!

I leave you here a couple of links to work on comparison, equality this time. Do them, and leave a comment!


Hi! Here you have some links to work on prepositions of place.

In this link you will also practise with the vocabulary about furnitures:

sábado, 13 de febrero de 2016

LISTENING- The weather

Some listenings about the weather:

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LISTENINGS- Shopping, present continous

Here you have a listenig about shopping, and below it there is a fill-in the gaps exercise to practise:

In these links you'll find some listenings to practise Present Continuous:

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LISTENING- Shopping clothes

Here you have a video about shopping. They used the vocabulary we have already studied (may I help you?, hoy much is it?, etc...)